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Time is running out for public comment!

In an attempt to keep our guests involved in public consultation with the MNR I am reposting this so that your voices can be heard. Ontario needs to realize the impact that you all have on tourism in northwester Ontario. We would not be here without all of your support!
Please be advised that there is a request by the MNR to raise fishing, hunting,trapping licenses and royalties by an undetermined amout.The request is currently on the enviromental bill of registry as EBR#012-0623 which is open to public comment until June2nd. Please take the time to go on line, read the information, and make your comments. Now is the time to share your opinion, BEFORE the changes are made. Don't wait until the changes are made and then complain.

In camp news, opener was a GO here at Cobb Bay! Jamie did his ice busting for the second year in a row. We were DETERMINED NOT TO LOSE opening week. All guests arrived, all guests fished, and all guests caught lots of oversize walleye. Opening day we could get down to Mosquito Bay, and by Thurs. we could get to the main lake, but could not venture onto it yet. By Monday of this week, our second week, the main body of Stugeon was completely open. This photo is of Murray, one of our seasonal campers with one of his over 18" walleye! There have been many of them this spring! 

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