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Devastating lodge fire.....

We have some very devastating news. Friday night our house burned to the ground! I cannot even believe it still. I was home alone, as Jamie had just left that morning to go deer hunting. It was about 9:45 pm and I had just finished watching a movie by myself--well, me and Sadie! I got up to get a drink from the kitchen and smelled something burning. I checked to make sure that the stove/oven wasn't on, and when I turned around to face the living room I had just come from I could see fire in the ceiling around the chimney pipe. It wasn't in the pipe, but in the ceiling boards around it. I knew that meant trouble. I phoned 911 for fire and started getting things out. I managed to save all of my scrapbooks, Jamie's guns, our computer, some personal papers, and some miscellaneous furniture and decor from the living room. I also got one basket with some clothes. No fire service came, as we are not in any jurisdiction, so our fate was doomed. Guess I didn't realize that all these years! 2 police officers came to help me out as much as they could and write up a police report. It's just a nightmare. Right now we are staying at a neighbor's house and can only be reached here on FB or by email. We have spoken with our insurance agent, and I think an adjuster will be out tomorrow. I got a few photos of the house before I left and then some of the rubble this morning before daylight. We haven't been back since. I'm guessing Jamie and I will be going to Dryden within the next few days to buy some clothes and basic supplies. I don't even have a bra or underwear, as I was in my jammies!!!!! This is just all so surreal! I will post some photos as I get them uploaded in a reasonable resolution for posting. Thank you all for your support!

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